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2011-05-24 20:54:58 by Z3RO0

Thanks to whoever made images for my games.

...and it's really fun. I've played through all the games already on GBA, but I like the bonuses added on to Collection. The only thing I'd like to have on MMZC is remixed music, but I like the new intro tune for when the game starts up. Overall, pretty kickass.

I am soooooo bored right now

2010-10-29 20:51:38 by Z3RO0

Boredom is boring.

It's mah b-day!!

2010-10-04 18:27:14 by Z3RO0

I turn 15 today! w00t!!!!

I turn 15 on Monday!!

2010-10-01 21:58:19 by Z3RO0

It's my birthday on Monday, October 4th and I'm turning 15! Unfortunately, I can't get my learner's permit until April 4th, but still, turning 15... awesome :D.

Megaman Music References

2010-09-03 21:41:31 by Z3RO0

Something I figured out recently:
All of the main characters' names in the MM series are based off of music
In Japan, Megaman's name is Rockman, and his sister is named Roll, so, together they're Rock and Roll. Protoman in Japan is named Blues, like the genre of music. Megaman's pets are Beat, as in a beat in music, and Rush, as in the band. Megaman's rival, Bass (in America) or Forte (in Japan) has a dog named Treble (American name) or Gospel (Japanese name). And Bass's bird is named Reggae. I also bet Eddie is based on Eddie van Halen.
Wow, the creators of the MM series are awesome XD.

Megaman Music References

Almost Finished W/ Madness Entry

2010-08-21 21:04:42 by Z3RO0

I'm almost finished with a new piece of art, a Madness 2010 Art Contest Entry, i just need to finish up the rest of the picture (not much left of that), fix all of the white areas, then add the BG.
It's gonna be AWESOME!!1!!11!!!one!!!oneeeee!


2010-08-07 23:59:26 by Z3RO0

Someone seriously needs to make a cover of the Jakob Elevator theme from Megaman X8 and put it on NG.
Seriously, who agrees with me?


2000 medal points!

2010-07-18 22:35:39 by Z3RO0

I just hit 2000 points in my medals today (2030 to be prescise.)
happy days of gaming! :D

New art submissions

2010-06-10 23:23:19 by Z3RO0

I'm really proud of the art submissions i just sent in. They're probably my best drawings yet (thought i doubt it.)